periodismo patagónico independiente


El futuro sur is the ongoing channel of journalistic and cultural productions by Denali DeGraf, based in the Patagonian Andes of Argentina.  From photography and documentary film to writings, translations and radio productions, it should all be here, hopefully soon, as a working portfolio of ongoing work.   Since everything here is independent, freelance and receives no support from anyone, this is a slow process.  If you are an English-speaking media outlet and are interested in publishing or broadcasting any work found here, or if you are a group or individual who feels like supporting this work in any way (helping distribute it, contributing to further productions, etc.) please contact me at

denali “at”

For the moment, the page is VERY MUCH UNDER CONSTRUCTION (it’s a one man show.)  Please be patient with disorganization and such, hopefully it will be better soon. Except where explicitly noted, everything on this website was created by me.