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“The Second Conquest” DVD

The Second Conquest is an independent documentary about land rights, extractive industries, and the situation of indigenous communities in northwestern Chubut province, in Patagonia, Argentina.  It was filmed and edited from June 2006 to April 2007, first screened in April 2007, and has since been shown around Argentina, Australia, the US and Canada.

The film follows the stories of five families and communities in the area, as they describe the ongoing land conflicts they face.  Through testimonies of individuals involved, as well as by other local experts (lawyers, journalists, community members, researchers), it shows the relationship between the various cases.  The mechanisms of plunder and corruption may vary slightly from case to case, sometimes through threats or actual violence, sometimes through false paperwork, sometimes through “legal” but deceitful tactics.  And the interests behind them also vary, from forestry to mining, to real estate, to tourism.  But as the film shows, these are minor variations in the structures of injustice that are stripping campesinos of their land and putting it in the hands of those who do not live on it or work it.  Finally, the film addresses the growing resistance in the region, as the communities are beginning to organize in each other’s defense.

For more information, or to order a copy, contact us here.  The film was entirely self-funded and with the help of many, many people who supported us in making it happen.  It was made with no desire to profit from it, but any contributions made will aid in ongoing efforts to preserve land in Patagonia and keep it in the hands of those who live on it, care for it, derive sustenance from it, and defend it.  Contributions can be made using the button below.

Directed and produced by Denali DeGraf and Joao Dujon Pereira

Camera: Joao Dujon Pereira, Interviews and Journalistic Direction: Denali DeGraf

Original music: Denali DeGraf

Narration: Valeria Belozercovsky

Sound Editing: Daniel Schor

Epilogue: Sebastián Hacher y Santiago Scrinzi

Language: Spanish, Subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian

68 min, NTSC