Do not look for me where you look for most people.  Nothing I do involves daily or hourly updates, unless you count keeping the firewood bin stocked and the stove burning.  But you can find my work here.  From my perch here on the edge of the Patagonian Andes, over the years I have used many techniques to scratch at the surface of things.  I recorded the album Talampaya in 2005, I filmed the documentary The Second Conquest in 2006-7, and worked at FM ALAS community radio station from 2010-2019.  And I have taken photographs throughout.  Now I am primarily focused on the written word.  I write for various media in Argentina, the US and elsewhere in both English and Spanish, as well as having done translations.  Below is a selection. Articles may not be available in both languages.  

Taking Back Stolen Land

Mapuche communities reclaim territory and take on climate change.

-pub. Earth Island Journal, 22 July 2020

Igualdad de condiciones

Los procesos judiciales, entre Mapuches que denuncian hostigamiento por terratenientes, y terratenientes que denuncian usurpación por Mapuches… 

-pub. El Extremo Sur, 13 Septiembre 2019

Poisoning Eden

Mapuche communities and the Catholic church confront planned open-pit mining in Patagonia.

-pub. Sojourner’s, January 2012