Do not look for me where you look for most people.  Nothing I do involves daily or hourly updates, unless it’s winter and you count keeping the firewood bin stocked and the stove burning.  You can find my work here.  Over the years I have used many techniques to scratch at the surface of things.  I recorded the album Talampaya in 2005, I filmed the documentary The Second Conquest in 2006-7, and worked at FM ALAS community radio station from 2010-2019.  And I have taken photographs throughout.  Now I am primarily focused on the written word.  I write for various media in Argentina, the US and elsewhere in both English and Spanish, as well as having done translations.  Below is a selection. Articles are available in the original language of publication only.  

Hablan las mujeres mapuche detenidas

Testimonios de mujeres mapuche detenidas en un operativo militar en la Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu

-Agencia Presentes, 12 oct 2022 (con fotos también mías)

Tree plantations in Patagonia are the site of wildfires and land dispute

Pine plantations, wildfires, and Indigenous land rights. 

-Mongabay, July 2022 (photos also mine)

Standoff in Patagonia

Traditional medicine and spirituality up against border restrictions and the struggle for land rights. 

-Earth Island Journal, March 2022 (photos also mine)

Cómo se vive en el territorio detras del cerco policial

Testimonios exclusivos de la zona sitiada por la policía de Río Negro

-La Izquierda Diario, 7 nov 2021 (con fotos también mías)

La cacería mapuche vuelve a comenzar

Un territorio recuperado en estado de sitio, donde la policía usa el hambre como arma de control territorial.

-Revista Cítrica, 6 oct 2021 (con fotos también mías)

Taking Back Stolen Land

Mapuche communities reclaim territory and take on climate change.

-Earth Island Journal, 22 July 2020

Igualdad de condiciones

Los procesos judiciales, entre Mapuches que denuncian hostigamiento por terratenientes, y terratenientes que denuncian usurpación por Mapuches… 

El Extremo Sur, 13 Septiembre 2019

Poisoning Eden

Mapuche communities and the Catholic church confront planned open-pit mining in Patagonia.

Sojourner’s, January 2012 (photos also mine)